Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Query Letters

OH MY GOODNESS! I forgot how much I despise the process of soliciting agents and publishers. Query letters are a PAIN! A two page synopsis of a 250 page novel is nearly impossible to write! I've been working at it for 3 days now and it is still too long and does not capture the nature of the story.  My biggest issue is that there are two massive plots in the book, but the synopsis seems to only have room for one.  How would you suggest I attack this problem?

And how do I intrigue the reader/agent/publisher to read the book? What "hook" can blend the two massive plots into 1 or 2 sentences? At this point, I have this:

"For two thousand years, rumors of a curse upon the royal bloodline had merely been fiction. However, Private Keatep Brendagger, a young female soldier, witnesses the destruction of the last queen of Athelstan in a dream. Upon the arrival of a dashing young man named Ikane Ormand, she discovers that she is of royal descent and has inherited the same blight. Keatep is framed for the murder of King Myron and the realm becomes war-torn by the Black Serpent Pirates. With the persistent help of Ikane, she struggles to break the curse and finds herself unintentionally falling in love with a man she had been instructed to revile."

However, it seems to lack the agonizing battle between Keatep and the Phoenix Witch. Overall, the curse and the love between and Athelstanien soldier and a Black Serpent Pirate is the books core.

I have been reading so many blogs from agents/authors suggesting this and that... my head is spinning! Maybe I need to take a few days off.

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  1. I know your frustration!!! I have found that opening a query letter with the most exciting scene is best. It leaves the reader wanting more. It is also good if you can hook something with the book that connects you to the story. It seems that publishers are always looking to sell an author as well as a book. Good Luck! --Diane Mayer Christiansen