Sunday, January 20, 2013

Discouraged Author

I’ve been struggling for quite some time with promoting my first book “The Dragon Child”.  For one, the quality was not what I had envisioned.  In my inexperience, I jumped at the first publisher to offer me a contract.  I was careful to look over the contract and even hired a lawyer to go over it with me.  (The lawyer was appalled at the poorly written contract, and that should have been my first warning.)  I pressed on, too excited and impatient to await another offer. 

Editing was a nightmare!  The thrill of receiving the first copy of ‘my book’ was quickly turned to horror as ghastly errors blared from the white and black pages.  Errors that were not in the original manuscript!  In a panic, I enlisted the help of friends and family to correct the damage. 
I have since learned much in my novice adventures as an author.  Yet, the haunting of those events and the damage done to my book has made me reluctant and even opposed to taint my name as an author with its advertising. 

I can write!  And I am good at it!
I found a very helpful review of my book at where a reader by the name of Ambra said this;
“I struggled whether to rate this book as two or three stars. The story was good and there were some surprises in it which I really liked. It was a book I kept coming back to even if I didn't have time to be reading which tells me it was compelling. But, the writing is confusing and contradicting at times. It seemed like it needed more editing so that it flowed better letting the reader know exactly what was going on especially emotionally with the main character. It is the first book in a series and I do want to read the second book, which is why I decided to give it three stars.”
I couldn’t agree more with her assessment! 
I have since enlisted the help of Wesley Lowe, author of the series called ‘The Necromancer Wars.’  The flow of the book has greatly improved.  And with his tutelage, so has my writing.  When the new, enhanced, and amazing book returns to bookstores, please give me a second chance.  I promise I will not let you down!

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