Monday, December 17, 2012

Writers Block!

Alright! Everything was going smoothly. The final re-read of book two was splendid and I am satisfied with the end product.  It even only took me one week to finish.

I find that starting a sequel is more taxing than beginning a new novel.  Yes, the characters are already developed, but how much of a refresher do you need to put back in the second or third book?  How do you convey the message of their past and why they are doing what they are doing in as little words as possible?  And without booring the reader?

Ten pages into Book Three, I have found myself absolutely STUCK!  I have done everything possible to keep it from veering into an epic romance story... but it seems to be heading that direction.  And it is driving me bonkers!  Love triangles have always driven me insane... and my book has a love square!!!  At this rate it will turn into a love hexagon!  Oh, the irony of having too many likeable characters!

I think I might need to take a month off to clear my head and get some new inspiration.


  1. Why don't you kill them off? That's what I do. LOL!

    1. That's the plan, but I can't do it till the end of the series....

  2. I would suggest watching or listening to this TED TALK about creative writing.
    My favorite part is about 10min in about Ruth Stone