Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Book One - 99.9% finished!

Book Two - First draft finished!  Just started another edit and hopefully it will be "Wes Worthy" by the end of December!

For the last three months my husband, Matt, has made a real effort to give me some time to write!  Every Wednesday evening I get the night off!  I usually crash at our nearby Panera Bread Bakery/Restaurant and get 4 undisturbed hours to think, edit, and imagine!   I have missed this time to myself so much.  Work is progressing fast now, especially with Wesley Lowe's help.  My writing had improved and I am able to convey my message more clearly. 

I will be searching for an agent in 2013!
Wish me luck!

This Phoenix is the new crest of the Kingdom of Athelstan.  I drew it with my new tablet - the Intuous 4!  Although my signature is not on it, it is copyrighted to me and anyone wanting to use it must ask for premission.

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