Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Need help with book two. Any ideas?

I am struggling with an idea in book two. It will make a big impact on the series. As of now, the story has developed to where a Demon Lair is discovered. Rion makes an ally with the Demon Lord and they attack Athelstan. My uncertainty is if the demons should be winged monsters or just another clan of people whose guardian was a demon. Like the rest of Kelperah, each kingdom has a guardian. Athelstan has the Phoenix. The Black Serpents… (You guessed it,) a Black Serpent. The Glacier Kingdom has the Dragon and Toleah has the Griffin.
My worry is that there will just be too much ‘fantasy’ compared to the first novel. Maybe it could be that since the four original guardians have disappeared that the demon guardian thrived and built an army of little demon babies… Matt said I should do Zombies. LOL.
Please let me know what you think. I am completely open to any other suggestions.


  1. *ahem* Moar fantasy is not a bad thing.

    Additionally, the four guardians could not take an active role in the world, whereas the Demon Lord does. Since the followers of the Demon Lord (originally humans) have been around his potent demonic energies for so long, they have become twisted by his power, so they aren't quite human anymore, but they aren't demons. Kinda like the Black Serpents. They are human, but their abilities are above that of regular humans.

    To go along with that, their social structure could be based on how close to demons they are, because that means they spend more time around the Demon Lord.

    Rank and file: look regular, but stronger and are hotter than normal, etc.

    The high ranked officers: Wings (usable), partly scaled skin, extremely strong, tails, innate fire magic, etc.

    And then they're gradiated in between the two.

  2. Thanks a bunch, Bud! I really like your suggestions. I had something like this in mind, but I wasn't certain if it was going to be too much. Since book one didn't have much of the "magical" creatures overall. (With the exception of the sprites.) I'm deffinately going to use some of this.

  3. Perhaps you could use zombies. They could be the shock troops of the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord could also be skilled in necromancy and have the ability to raise enemy soldiers freshly killed in battle and make them fight for him as zombie troops.

  4. Wow! After much deliberation I have gone with neither of these suggestions! Something completely new emerged and I am pretty happy with it. I'm not going to divulge it here though! You'll have to read book two to find out!